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Sevenoaks Links 
The school is part of the Sevenoaks Partnership of Schools – a collaborative network of nearly 30 schools that has developed a strategic plan to develop training and other opportunities to improve standards within its member school communities. Weald CPS has also established effective partnerships with Sevenoaks School (HMC) through sport, modern languages and science.
Wider Links
Weald’s role as an Expert Centre for the Global Learning Programme has fostered purposeful relationships and partnership work with the Royal Geographical Society, The Geographical Association, Pearson Education, The Institute of Education and Oxfam. The British Council funded school link project with Kanthenga School, Malawi has enabled the school to enrich the curriculum and develop the children’s SMSC qualities through a wide range of global learning themes.
Weald CPS is currently developing links with the Beta School which is located in a socially deprived district on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Collaborative work has been planned in relation to shared learning (Skyping from classroom to classroom); behaviour management strategies and teacher to teacher pedagogic dialogue.
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