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Bridge: Inter-School Tournament

Bridge: Inter-School Tournament: For details of this exciting initiative, see here: Bridge Flyer

Sleepless in the city

Sleepless in the city

Sleepless in the City. Mr Pyle, Mr Taylor, Miss Mitten & Miss Sullivan very much enjoyed themselves as they joined a group of 30 people sleeping rough on the capital’s streets in aid of homelessness. As part of the charity RESTART’s New Year Re-solution, they collected an additional £100 from passing members of the public […]

Children’s Mental Health Week

Awareness of the importance of ‘Children’s Mental Health’ was raised between 6th and 10th February through a host of activities including yoga, mindfulness, and talks about mental well-being, emotional resilience and kindness. We are particularly grateful to Sarah Linsey, Chris Taylor, Angelique Arnold, Helen Lovell, Mark Donati and Luke Roberts for their valuable contributions to […]

Environment Day

On Friday 24th February, everyone within the school made clothing and jewellery out of ‘rubbish’ in order to raise the awareness of looking after the school and its surroundings. This term, the Environment Officers have been leading initiatives on the reduction of litter in the playground. At the end of the day, all the classes […]