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Assessment Evening Resources

Powerpoint Presentation: Assessment Evening Powerpoint February 2016

Reading Pathways:

My Reading Target Pathway Y1

My Reading Target Pathway Y2

My Reading Target Pathway Y3

My Reading Target Pathway Y4

My Reading Target Pathway Y5

My Reading Target Pathway Y6


Writing Pathways:

My Writing Target Pathway Y1

My Writing Target Pathway Y2

My Writing Target Pathway Y3

My Writing Target Pathway Y4

My Writing Target Pathway Y5

My Writing Target Pathway Y6


English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Glossary

Formal Calculation Strategies for Mathematics Key Stage Two

Mathematics Year 1 – Programme of Study Descriptors

Mathematics Year 2 – Programme of Study Descriptors

Mathematics Year 3 – Programme of Study Descriptors

Mathematics Year 4 – Programme of Study Descriptors

Mathematics Year 5 – Programme of Study Descriptors

Mathematics Year 6 – Programme of Study Descriptors

Spelling rules – Year 1

Spelling rules – Year 2

Spelling rules – Years 3 and 4

Spelling rules – Years 5 and 6

Years 3 and 4 Spelling Word Lists

Years 5 and 6 Spelling Word Lists


Primary Homework Help

Reception, Phonics, Years 1 & 2: Busythings

Maths: MyMaths

Staying Safe On-line
CBBC have some great games and videos. Test your internet safety knowledge with Hacker and listen to some Stay Safe songs with Helen Skelton.
Enjoy Horrible Histories?  What better way to learn about how to safe online, than by having a laugh at some famous people from the past.
THINKUKNOW Internet and mobile phone safety issues.

Childline:  You can talk to Childline online or by phone whenever you need to. Whatever your worry, its better out than in.


Building Resilience in your children

Learning from mistakes and ‘bouncing back’ from adversity are critical elements of the learning process. ‘Promoting resilience’ examines the fundamental principles underlying the development of resilience in young people and provides some useful resources for parents to use with their children: Building Resilience