Pupil Forum

This is a consultative body composed of all pupils and members of staff within the school. Ten vertically integrated groups discuss topics pertinent to the school improvement priorities. The meetings are chaired by Year 6 pupils and minutes are taken by a staff facilitator. The key findings and action points are summarised by the Headteacher and communicated to the school at pupil forum feedback assembly. Action points are incorporated into the school’s forward planning and implemented where appropriate. The findings from recent Pupil Forum discussions are listed below:

Pupil Forum Feedback: Healthy Lifestyles 

Pupil Forum Feedback: British Values

Pupil Forum Feedback : Sport & Music

Pupil Forum Feedback: Reading

Pupil Forum Feedback : Safety/Behaviour

Pupil Forum Feedback : Behaviour Management

Pupil Forum Feedback : Anti-bullying

Pupil Forum Feedback: Assemblies

Pupil Forum Feedback: Playground Rules

Pupil Forum Feedback: Proud of our school